What is the difference between sensing and intuition?

Understanding Sensing and Intuition

Sensing and intuition are two psychological functions described by Carl Jung in his theory of cognitive functions. Sensing refers to the ability to perceive information through the five senses and focus on concrete details, while intuition involves perceiving information through patterns, connections, and possibilities beyond what is immediately observable.

Sensing Function

Individuals who rely on the sensing function tend to focus on what is real and present in the physical world. They pay attention to facts, details, and the information gathered through their senses. Sensing types are often practical, realistic, and grounded in the here-and-now.

Intuition Function

On the other hand, individuals who use the intuition function are more focused on the abstract, potential, and future possibilities. They are skilled at seeing the big picture, making connections between disparate pieces of information, and anticipating outcomes. Intuitive types are imaginative, innovative, and open-minded.

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